Case study: machining solutions

Supplying the UK's most advanced manufacturing sectors for more than fifty years, Geo Kingsbury provides innovative machining solutions and comprehensive support. A previous project of theirs included working with Rolls Royce on aircraft engines.


ShereMarketing was tasked with creating a stronger brand for Geo Kingsbury, in which enhanced marketing activity would increase the levels of customer acquisition and sales opportunities. With this in mind, a responsive website was designed and developed alongside customised social media profiles.

Website development

Geo Kingsbury's website was designed and developed by ShereMarketing to attract, engage and convert site visitors. With a multitude of case studies, news stories and product information, the company website is a major component of their marketing strategy in which their audience can easily access the desired information.

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Social Media

To ensure consistent and integrated customer engagement with the Geo Kingsbury brand, we created customised social media profiles in which followers would receive company updates, industry news and product information.

Video marketing via YouTube was utilised to showcase the company's range of products and services on a more interactive platform, whilst their LinkedIn profile was established to stay in touch with their B2B clientele.