Direct Marketing Services

To get maximum ROI from direct marketing we recommend combining the three key components: Mail, Telephone and Email.

Of course we can do mailers and punchy letters, email (HTML email and Text email), and we often run telemarketing campaigns for our clients - but we always advocate combining all three means of direct contact, using all three communications tools: online through email, by phone and through the post.

Our Direct marketing services include database review, cleaning and acquiring new prospect data, direct mail marketing packs, email marketing and telemarketing.

We usually work with the sales team to align what we are doing with their activity – often using their databases of contacts and arranging sales calls for them with prospects.

However, if budget is limited, email marketing gets the message out instantly in a cost effective way.  We have extensive experience in B2B email marketing and use techniques specific to B2B marketing to increase the success of our email campaigns. We can analyse your existing database, help you segment it and identify which sectors give you the best ROI and buy appropriately targeted data that supplements your existing database. We can help you phrase you B2B email marketing mail outs to maximise your uptake and design your HTML template in such a way as to compel your recipients to respond to your campaign.

Advantages of email marketing are:

  • Targeted- segment your email list, personalise your email and build conditional emails
  • Trackable- monitor deliverability, opens, clicks and even set actions based on recipient clicks within the email. Use this data to improve campaign effectiveness in future email sends
  • Immediate- turn round marketing campaigns quickly, schedule send times and be confident in a rapid delivery
  • Great at driving website traffic- deep link directly to a relevant website page with more information, and get your target audience engaging with your site

We can also help you to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing through the use of our technically advanced email marketing software. We will set up an account in the email marketing system for you and can create and send the first email, then we can fulfil an ongoing email marketing programme - or pass over future email marketing to you, within the system. There are no ongoing charges if you wish to take over the development and sending of your emailers.  You just pay for sending, at about 1p per send.

Why not contact us and see how we can help with your direct marketing services.