Business Development Audit

We offer a unique approach that will lead to optimised marketing and improved business development.

First we need to understand your situation and objectives.  Therefore we start with a ‘Business Development Audit’ workshop.

The workshop is the first stage, and through the workshop alone you will gain a totally new view on your marketing and promotional activities.  In the workshop you will also receive immediate input to any specific business development issues that you are currently tackling.

Following on from the workshop, you will be in a position to move forward to develop a refreshed strategic marketing plan and optimised promotional communications.

The workshop will examine the following 9 areas:

  1. Marketing Positioning:  How and where your organisation is positioned in the market, against competitors and in the perception of your customer.
  2. Target Audiences:  The specific types of client or customer that your business needs to attract, allowing future promotional activities to be best directed and most cost-effective.
  3. Routes to Market:  Examination of your distribution channel(s) and how the end customer / user are accessing your product or service.  Consideration of whether there are any alternative routes to gaining more customers and sales.
  4. Products / Service:  An assessment of your current range, the brand proposition(s), together with suggestions for future developments and/or additions.
  5. Pricing Policy:  Consideration of your price position, retail / trade pricing, discount structures, use of price as a promotional tool etc.
  6. Promotional Activity:  A full review of the different methods currently used to generate enquiries and obtain new customers, enquiries for orders including consideration of how cost effective each method is.
  7. Marketing Communications:  Integrating online and traditional communications tools with recommendations and suggestions as to improvements and new alternatives that could be utilised to deliver better ROI.
  8. Sales Process:  A review of marketing’s link to your sales organisation including CRM system, information use, customer management, training & development.
  9. Marketing Planning:  Identifying and documenting opportunities for immediate improved effectiveness in your current marketing programme – alongside strategic and tactical guidelines, with prioritisation of the relative importance of the various actions and resources.  The financial and ROI implications.