SEO, Online Marketing, PPC

Improving the performance of your website can be done in many ways. Two key areas are SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a 3 step program. In order to achieve success, all three steps must be carried out efficiently. We provide a full SEO service based on industry best practice and search engine guidelines.

Step 1 - Keyword Research
Keyword research is one of the most important actions in search engine optimisation. This identifies the search terms and phrases which potential visitors have typed into a search engine to look for your company’s products or services.

Targeting the wrong keywords in an SEO campaign will result in missing out on potential clients or customers. You need to have an understanding of who your competition is in the online space. Your competition is smaller than you might first think!

Step 2 - On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
Once keyword research has been done for every page of a website, it’s time to incorporate these keywords into the content on the page and the meta tags, ie; page title, meta description, headers, urls.

Step 3 - Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation
A website which only has on-page optimisation (however good) isn’t enough to achieve a high search ranking. Search engines rank sites well that are trusted and have authority.

A good indicator of trust and authority is the number of inbound links that the site has. Link building, Social Media & Online PR, Blogging, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking are ongoing campaigns which build brand visibility and improve inbound links over time.

The first step to achieving inbound links is to great create content which other people link to, or what you can link to and promote online. Types of content to create include articles, blog posts, videos, press releases, and digital magazines.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management & Display Advertising

Improve campaign effectiveness, boost traffic and increase ROI

We have a team which specialises in paid search marketing and are well positioned to help you increase your search engine visibility.

Our pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising campaigns are run by PPC specialists who have several years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. We help to build your brand online, increase your traffic levels to give you the opportunity to generate more enquiries or sales.

From identifying target audience, relevant online display advertising portals, researching keywords, copywriting, design and campaign set up, to daily management and monthly reporting, our PPC service ensures the right traffic visits your website at the right time and at the right price. Our PPC & Display Advertising service covers the following: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing

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