Social Media Consultancy

re you part of the conversation?

Your prospects and customers are talking online, you can be part of the conversation or watch from the outside.  Social media facilitates two-way communication to improve business relationships and reduce customer acquisition costs. We provide B2B social media consultancy services to give you the skills to communicate your business personality and proposition in an appropriate way and ensure that you are using the most appropriate social media channels for your business.

You will gain the following benefits and insights:

  • New perspective on social media marketing (and how it works in your industry).
  • Insights into the new techniques of optimising social media for your business – we show you how to drive traffic to your website and maximise engagement
  • Clarity of your business position in social media – we will analyse your social media presence and benchmark against your competitors
  • How to align your social media marketing activity with your business objectives.
  • How to integrate social media with your marketing and sales activities.
  • Devising a social media strategy that is appropriate for your situation, business and audiences, including content creation, messaging, engagement and messaging
  • How to run an effective online PR campaign extending your network via social media by connecting with journalists and online publications

Through this process you will be in a position to move forward with a targeted approach to your social marketing programme which delivers against your overall business objectives.

Want to know how well you are using social media, request a social media evaluation.

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