Anju Sarpal

I am a corporate communications specialist, with a background in print journalism. I have been in corporate PR for FTSE 100 companies for over a decade in the areas of social housing, new build developments, health and social care, and education.

The new environment of central Government development and emerging social enterprises has had far reaching consequences for both public and private organisations in terms of funding and expectations on delivery. Thus, my function as a Public Relations practitioner has increasingly required structured co-productive engagement between governmental bodies, voluntary and business organisations. As a consequence I have designed and implemented corporate responsibility programmes in-house as a special interest.

My initial training and experience in news and advertising production has made me self sufficient in graphic design, page layouts and print handling. This background has given me a firm foundation in terms of press production and art direction.

I have also worked closely with technical and business professionals to raise awareness of products and services through news, marketing materials, public consultation events and forums. This provided me with an appreciative knowledge of successful messaging to stakeholders and investors. As a consequence, I have gained a working knowledge of engagement in the context of business aims.

I am an accredited PR practitioner with the Chartered Institute for Public Relations and look to employ best practice PR for corporations that are  looking to enhance their PR practises, in terms of strategy and measurement of campaigns.

3 things about me:

  • Favourite movie: Two films that have enhanced rather than ruined the stories from the original books for me are The Life of Pi and Chocolate. The cinematography really bring the characters to life and both are really moving stories.
  • Someone I admire: The Dali Lama -listening to the current Dali being challenged by the world leaders and being questioned by prominent news correspondents is a stop and learn experience. His comments and actions are masterful and beautifully timed.
  • Interests: Snorkelling, sculpture and rare breed chickens. Having spent a few decades in the West Country, I am very much an outdoor girl.
Anju SarpalCommunications Specialist
I look to employ best practice PR for corporations looking to enhance their PR.