Trevor Millard

The differentiator that Trevor’s team bring to our work for clients is ‘Halo’.   Halo is Trevor’s company’s own proprietary approach, which has been rigorously academically and operationally tested.   The approach is an entirely new way of researching which moves the focus away from transactional / behavioural measurement towards benefits / and outcomes based ‘think and feel’ research.   This can be deployed within organisations with staff and/or with external stakeholders’ clients/clients.

“Our full range of research methodologies includes qualitative (focus groups, one to ones) and quantitative (telephone, postal or online surveys).   We offer great research as well as clear, easy to understand actions and recommendations.”

Trevor has been an associate at SHERE since 2001.


  • Director of The Halo Works Ltd
  • Contributed joint and individual authored articles to various publications including Customer Service Management
  • Judge for National Customer Service Awards 2000 – current.
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • The Halo Works Ltd is a member of the UK Market Research Society.


3 things about me:

  • Favourite movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Lots of great lines which make me laugh every time I see it.  It just shows that you can’t judge something too early.  The first few words of the film are all four letter profanities.
  • Someone I admire: Nelson Mandela.  Not an original choice I know, however his sense of forgiveness is humbling.
  • Interests: Tennis, cricket, travel, family days out especially when the sun is shining and playing anything with my son.


Outsourcing organisation - Assessing the inherent values within the group and launching the defined values globally across the group alongside a new customer experience measurement programme.

Local Authority- Consultation delivering a clear assessment of the real benefits residents expect of a local authority.
Construction and Maintenance - Identifying a new set of corporate values for the organisation and communicating and cascading these values into the organisation's everyday behaviour through workshops and train the trainer programmes.